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About the Artist

         I'm a lover of art. I have been a creative person all my life from my first prize in the 3rd grade Girl Schouts art show in my home of New Hyde Park, NY

   Encouraged by wonderful art teachers in High School and my loving parents, I would experiment with all media and creativity, even with wonderful Halloween costumes. I decided to attend art school and had an outstanding education at Parson's School of Design in NYC at the height of the art, music and New Wave era. Not being as strong as other amazing fine artists in my class, I gradually went towards design as a career. I worked in the publishing industry and as a freelance designer for many years. Obviously this morphed into computer graphics. I liked it but lost my passion for it. Years later after having a family I attended a watercolor class under a wonderful teacher and artist named Max Hergenrother. His talent and that of my classmates brought me back to my roots in painting again. Welcome to the home of some of my works!

I'm a trained artist and  graphic designer who's back to my roots in fine arts. Enjoy my art  online and feel welcome to inquire about aquiring it for you home or office.
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